The ULTIMATE College Packing List

It is finally back to school season. This time of year can be so exciting, yet so stressful at the same time. So, what could make this season a little less stressful? Yes, that is right… the ULTIMATE college packing list! Moving away from home can be one of the scariest parts about going to college. You definitely do not want to forget any of the essentials. So, to make the transition a little easier I have provided a printable with all of the college necessitates.

▼ College Packing List Printable ▼


When packing, do not forget to ONLY pack what YOU need. There are a lot of items on this list, but if you do not use one of these items then do not pack it. Let me repeat DO NOT PACK IT. Even if you are staying in an apartment during the semester, things still become very cramped and disorganized easily. So, just keep in mind when you are packing that you are packing for you. Do not pack extra items with the “oh I might end up using this” philosophy. Stick to what you know you will use.

This will not only give you extra space after you move in, but it will also keep you from lugging extra bags on moving day! Move-in day is a very stressful day, and there are usually tons of people and vehicles. So, you definitely want to keep the extra bags and totes to a minimum to save you time and space.

Quick Tip

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