Things to do Before College Move-in Day


1. Pack at least a week before move-in day.

Obviously you can not pack everything a week before move-in day, but you can pack the majority of things early, and then pack the little things before you leave. Check out how to pack for college here.

2. Communicate with your roommate.

You do not want to end up with duplicates of certain items for your dorm/apartment. So, get in touch with your roommate and ask them what they already have and what they plan on bringing. You can also talk with them about color coordination if you are staying in a dorm room. Also, this is a great way to get to know who you will be living with and see if you have anything in common. Plus, it will save some of the awkwardness on move-in day.

3. If you can pick up certain items before move-in day, then DO IT!

There are certain things that you may be able to pick up before move-in day, such as textbooks, ID’s, or parking passes. Everyone will be trying to obtain these things on move-in day and for at least a week after move-in day. So, if you do not want to wait in long lines or have your items put on hold, then you should order and pick them up before move-in day. When it comes to textbooks, most colleges will allow you to order textbooks from their bookstore and have them delivered to your address towards the end of summer. The other option is to order your textbooks from Amazon or Chegg and have them shipped to you.

4. Join your colleges Facebook pages.

Every college has a Facebook page. Go ahead and join it. They will post information about move-in day and special circumstances, such as class closures for bad weather or fire drills. Larger schools also tend to have smaller Facebook groups for smaller niches, such as transfer students. If your school does have a smaller Facebook group that applies to you, join it, because it can be very helpful if you have questions and they usually provide valuable information.

5. Check your class schedule and your college e-mail.

Always, always, always check your class schedule and e-mail. I can not stress this enough. Important information is sent through your college e-mail, such as class confirmation, direct deposit information, textbook updates, and even sometimes e-mails from your teachers before class starts. You should also check your class schedule to make sure none of your classes have been cancelled and to make sure all of your classes are confirmed.

6. Pack your car the night before.

You will likely be tired and stressed the morning of move-in. It will save you time and energy to pack your car the night before. Especially since you will be unpacking your car later that day.

7. If you live more than an hour away, stay in a hotel the night before.

Staying in a hotel the night before allows you to sleep in the morning of move-in day. You also will not have to ride endless hours in a car that morning, instead you will be minutes away from the school.

8. Create an “on the go” bag.

You will want to create an “on the go” bag for snacks, drinks, and forms you need to bring with you. Put this together the night before so you can grab it and go in the morning.

9. Find your location.

An e-mail will be sent out with your location for move-in day or it will be listed on the website. The e-mail/website will list a specific parking lot/s in which you are to park. So, go on the website and print a map of your college. Find and circle your dorm/apartment and the parking lot where you need to be on move-in day. Also, know your dorm/apartment number, as well as your room/bed space letter.

10. Call your college and find out if they have moving carts or bring your own cart/dolly.

You are not going to want to carry multiple bags/boxes to and from your room, nor will you have time. Normally colleges provide moving carts, but I would suggest bringing your own cart/dolly since the carts provided on move-in day usually get taken quickly.




One thought on “Things to do Before College Move-in Day

  1. If you plan to stay in a hotel the night before, make your reservations EARLY. I’ve learned this through experience with my daughter. She went to school over 300 miles from home so it was tough to make the trip there and back in one day. Because we couldn’t leave until late, we drove all night the first year and ended up sleeping in the car. The second year we camped at a nearby state park since we couldn’t get a reservation at a hotel. After that we make our reservations early.

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