Simple Steps and Tips for Desk Organization: College Edition

Dorm rooms are SMALL. I am talking cramped living style. So, where are you supposed to store all of that school supplies you brought along? Well, that’s where those bulky dorm room desks come in! A standard dorm room desk has 2-3 larger drawers and one thinner desk drawer. So, there is PLENTY of storage in those desks, but you have to make the most out of the space it supplies! How do you do that?


1. Utilize the desk drawer space.

Always put the supplies you use the most in the top drawers for easy access. I keep my pens, pencils, highlighters, post-it notes, index cards, tape, push-pins, calculator and stapler in the pull out desk drawer, so they are readily available when I need them. Things such as extra binders and copy paper I leave in the bottom drawer of my desk, since I do not use them as much,

2. Make use of drawer organizers.

Drawer organizers keep all of your supplies together, rather than scattered within your drawers. This also makes it much easier to find certain supplies. These organizers came from dollar tree, but you can also purchase larger sets of them.

3. Utilize the space on the top of your desk.

There is plenty of space on the top of a dorm room desk to hold some items as well. You can purchase desktop organizers to help hold papers, small baskets to hold binders or random items, and pencil and pen holders. You can also add decor to your desktop, but I would suggest to leave the decor to a minimum to maximize the space for your school supplies. If you are anything like me, then you will definitely need that extra space for binders and papers.



4. Get a cork board!

Personally, my desk has a cork board already built into it. However, you can easily purchase one from almost any store! I definitely recommend purchasing a cork board! They are very useful. They can be used to hang jewelry, pictures, calendars, baskets to hold items, etc.

5. Organize your cords.

I have all of the cords near my desk plugged into surge protectors. At first this was really messy, until I decided to hang the surge protectors on the wall! This can easily be done with Velcro command strips!

6. Utilize hanging space.

On my dorm desk I have a coat hanger hung on the side that is used to hold paper towels and some decor. You can also hang command hooks on the side of your desk to hold a variety of things!


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