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Welcome! My name is Ashley and I am so glad you are reading this!

So, who am I exactly? What do you need to know about me? Well I am a sophomore in college. I currently attend Middle Tennessee State University, but it is my first year here since I am a new transfer student. I have always been a small town girl, but I decided to venture out and find where I would like to be and I found it! The people are kind and the campus is gorgeous. But, let’s get into the blogging details!

I am the admin for Waiting on the Weekend and I also have a blogging support group on Facebook called Bloggers Boulevard. I started Waiting on the Weekend as a side hobby, but I was not very invested in it due to the fact that I did not know what exactly I wanted to blog about. However, after my first year in college I decided that a college blog was the way to go! I have learned so much just within my first year of college and I want to share that with incoming and current college students. My mission is to share valuable information with students just like me to help in their college journey, as well as create a friendly community for bloggers to ask questions and make connections! 

You can also read the Ultimate College Packing List for move-in day tips!

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